EMILY JOOF is an African-diaspora mum with a great love for storytelling. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria to a Gambian Father and Malian-French mother and has lived in Nigeria, Belgium, France, The Gambia, the UK and Sweden. 

Emily is deeply inspired by her childhood as a third culture kid and her own children. She writes stories that reflect the world that she and millions of children across the globe grow up in, where difference is the norm. She blogs and is very active in the discussion around representation in children's literature in Sweden where two of her picture books are being published with Raben & Sjögren. One of her books ("The Big Blue") is published with Floris Books, UK and a forthcoming book ("The Unbreakable Thread") will be published with Soaring Kite Books, USA. You can find her books and writing on www.mbife.com

Emily works for community organizations, NGOs and International Organizations as an Education Technical Advisor, a role that centres on inclusion and contributes in advancing and improving children's' rights in countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. She has managed and delivered programmes targeting children, at-risk youth and marginalised communities for more than 15 years. Emily is also currently a Postgraduate researcher (PhD candidate) at Lancaster university in the UK. The focus of her research is on the potential that Children's Literature can have on fostering inclusion in preschools.

Instagram: @mbife_books

Twitter: @mbifebooks

Facebook: @MbifeBooks