Craig Literary

The authors I represent and others who are listed under my bio give you an idea of the range of my taste. I love books of fiction or non-fiction that explore globally relevant themes, that transport the reader on a surprising journey across boundaries of culture, and sometimes even of genre; storytelling that dismantles walls and builds bridges, challenging and deepening the reader's understanding of self and other, of society, language, art, or humanity.

I also love a thriller or suspense novel that hooks me from the first page to the last.

I never thought I would be an agent of young adult or middle grade fiction until Jack Cheng delivered his manuscript to me, See You in the Cosmos, with an 11-year-old narrator who grabbed my heart and also made me laugh, and that I quickly sold in the US and UK and to several foreign publishers. So now I am interested in new voices for kids, that will entertain and enlighten adult readers too.

If you've written something you think I will enjoy reading then contact me with the form below, succinctly describing your work and your background. Please do not paste in a sample of your manuscript. If I am interested in your query I will respond to request a sample. I do not have time to respond to every query and will only respond to queries that interest me, but if you do not hear back from me within one week after your initial query then feel free to check in. If I have requested a sample of your work or your complete manuscript, then please give me at least six – eight weeks to respond.

For some additional guidelines about what makes a submission stand out to me see this interview

Please submit a synopsis of the work for consideration and a brief biography via this link