CAREY GREEN, a Brooklyn-based American writer and banker, embarked on his writing journey after leaving his native Los Angeles at the age of seventeen to attend Columbia College in New York City.

The Art of Privilege is his third novel.

The Art of Privilege will be published with Rare Bird Books in November 2023. When Detective Charles Sleetch investigates the murder of a wealthy Wall Street banker and his stripper girlfriend, it doesn´t look like routine robbery homicide. The life and death of Katiana Angelska move him in a way that he has not felt in years.

Dylan Cash invested in his ex's art gallery when he was flush as a trader on Wall Street. Off the street and out of luck, Dylan and his best friend, Charles "Binky" Bannister, have been day-trading out of the back-office of the gallery. One day, a stranger named Jonathan Shelby shows up with an intriguing offer. Thatcher Reed, a down on its heel boutique firm, needs to track down an insider trader, before it derails the IPO of Paradyne, a Blackwater-type defense firm.

What Dylan thought was a simple case of insider trading becomes a stunning tale of blackmail, deceit and murder that threatens to rock both Wall Street and the entire military industrial complex. Dylan and Sleetch eventually team up against powerful, evil men who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

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