ODAI AL ZOUBI is a writer, journalist, and translator. He studied Philosophy at the Lebanese University, Beirut, and at University of East Anglia, Norwich, where he received his PhD. His philosophical research focuses on semantics and speech act theory.

He has translated works by Bertrand Russell from English into Arabic. He has published three collections of short stories in Arabic (Al Mutawassit Publications). In Spring 2019 his first stories to be translated into English appeared in The Common (Issue No. 17, Arabic Stories from Syria).  His story, The Trial of the Cold North (previously published in French and Dutch and Danish) is selected for Best Asian Short Stories 2019, appearing for the first time in English. He has had articles published in English at openDemocracy and in Danish, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish publications. He also writes (in Arabic) for the Syrian culture website Al-Jumhuriya.

He has been selected for Civitella Ranieri and Bogliasco residencies in Italy.  He currently resides in Malmo, Sweden.

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Read his powerful article : The Morals of Pessimism: "What are the morals of pessimism? Who advocates for them in Syria today? And what is the relation between these morals and the increasing proliferation of fascisms?... Fascisms triumph when we surrender, not when they exhibit their most violent appearances. This surrender reflects a soul already enslaved to all kinds of violence and despotism."

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