LAILA OMAR ASMI was born in Pakistan and has lived in Dubai, Singapore, and Florida. She began her career as a fashion model in Pakistan, and later worked as a journalist and a copywriter. She now lives in Florida where she wrote her first novel, Jasmine Dreams

Jasmine Dreams begins on the day Saiya turns seventeen. She was born in Pakistan's city of saints, Multan, and is the youngest of three daughters. Her mother carried her to term despite warnings from Baba Sharif who prophesied that this girl would bring unimaginable dishonour to her family. Seventeen years later in Florida, the prophesies might be coming true. Men will forget to pray, women will marry Christians and girls will show their skin in the name of progress. Set in present day Florida and Pakistan, this is the story of a Muslim family's fraught journey from conservative to modern, and the emotional conflicts faced along the way. It is about three young women searching for love and freedom, while trapped by their mother's traditions and past trauma, and pushed into the shadows of the sunshine state.