An important, timely read.

J. K. Rowling

Published in the UK by Unbound (September 2016)

The Good Immigrant has been voted as the British public's favourite book of 2016 at the Books Are My Bag Readers Awards.

Radio 4 Book of the Week, 17/18/20/21st October 2016

Nikesh Shukla was named one of Foreign Policy magazine's 100 Global Thinkers for 2016 for his work tackling the "unbearable whiteness of publishing".

"These writings though first and foremost about the UK experience, intimate the struggle for equality everywhere." (Nylon, 'Ten Must-Read Books by Immigrants About Their Experience')

"The Good Immigrant is a lively and vital intervention into the British cultural conversation around race. Instead of statistics and dogma we find real human experience and impassioned argument – and it's funny and moving, too. A must read!" (Zadie Smith)

"Superlative." (Jessie Burton, 'Best Books of 2016' Observer)

"Could not be more timely." (Louise Daughty, 'Best Books of 2016' Observer)

"The Good Immigrant is that rarest of beasts, a truly necessary book." (Jonathan Coe, 'Best Books of 2016' Observer)

"I was deeply affected by The Good Immigrant, a vital and often bitingly funny series of personal essays" (James Graham, 'Best Books of 2016' Observer)

"Sometimes funny, sometimes brutal, always honest … if I could, I'd push a copy of this through the letter box of every front door in Britain." Independent

"We should recognise both the courage that has been shown in producing these essays and the contradictions that necessarily exist across them … The Good Immigrant helps to open up a much-needed space of unflinching dialogue about race and racism in the UK" The Guardian

"Powerful… The Good Immigrant is a reminder of why Britain is at its best when it lifts the burden of the "bad immigrant" and why it loses so much when it lets it grow" New Statesman

"To say the publication of The Good Immigrant has come at a good time would be an understatement … If 2016 has left you feeling helpless, desperately wondering what you can do to repair the damage of anti-immigration rhetoric, then reading it would be a good place to start: it leaves you feeling armed with empathy." (Vice, interview and review)