CAROL SUMMERFIELD is a published author of fiction (middle grade novel Time Masters, Dancing Rhinoceros Press, 2009). She worked in reference/academic publishing, developing and editing the Encyclopedia of Chicago (University of Chicago Press) and The International Dictionary of University Histories (Taylor and Francis). Carol currently works as a marketing strategist, and also hosts "Museum Revolution," a salon series and blog which bring together the leading voices in American museums to discuss and share ideas around the concept of advancing the way museums support their mission and reach a wider audience.

She's lived in Michigan, Virginia, Idaho, Paris, the Central African Republic, and travelled extensively through Europe and Asia; but she's settled down now in the northern suburbs of Chicago, with her two daughters. She is writing a young adult novel, Without Wings, about a 17-year-old girl's struggle with emotional and psychological issues as she enters a therapeutic boarding school. The novel follows her journey, along with other troubled young adults, to find their way out of the darkness, with grit and determination and a team of counsellors and teachers who believe in them, even when they don't believe in themselves.