MANJU SONI was born in South Africa, and currently lives in the United States. She practiced as an eye surgeon for many years, and has developed drugs for the eye, but now applies her surgical skills to writing crime fiction. Her anti-apartheid activism in South Africa inspired her debut nonfiction book, When Lions Roared: How Brave Young People Defied Apartheid, which was published by Amazon Kindle Singles in 2016. Her first short story, a psychological suspense, was published by Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in 2017. In 2018, she won the Leon B. Burnstein/MWA-NY Scholarship. And, in 2019, her #OwnVoices mystery/suspense novel, Chekhov's Hammer, was a Pitch Wars mentorship program selection.

Chekov's Hammer by M.J. Soni, is a gripping murder mystery set in a coastal New England town, and asks the question "How far would you go to find the person who killed someone you love?" Dr. Raeya Patel has it all: two healthy kids, a loving husband, a successful medical career. Then one night her husband is killed in a hit-and-run. Now, two months later, Raeya is haunted by visions of his agonizing death, and overwhelmed with guilt at not going out to search for Dhruv as he lay dying on that quiet country road. At the same time a wealthy couple is brutally murdered, a sinister new patient enters Dr. Patel's life, and she starts to believe there is a connection to her husband's death. Frustrated by the slow pace of the police investigation, Raeya launches her own investigation, with a sociopathic killer following her every move. 

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