SAMANTHA REGISTER recently graduated from the University of Colorado – Denver with a master's degree in political science. Her master's thesis focuses on intersections between politics and the pop culture, specifically pop music, combining two of her biggest interests – politics and music. She previously worked on political campaigns all over the United States and interned in the Obama White House. Now as a military spouse, she is hoping to help engage other military families in the political process by helping with voter registration and outreach. She is also a fan of traveling, having visiting 14 countries, and completed academic programs in England and South Korea. She and her husband, Cody, live in Colorado with their rescue dog, Rocky.

She is completing a gripping debut millennial/YA thriller, We’re Not Friends.  Set in St. Petersburg, Florida, the novel centres around a 24-year-old travel blogger, Megan Schmidt, who has to relocate back to her hometown after she’s been working in Europe for a year. Shortly after moving back to St. Petersburg, Megan’s former best friend, Katherine Watson, becomes a murder victim. Megan finds herself conflicted, as she had missed her friend over the years but is also still angry about Katherine abandoning her after a traumatizing and humiliating incident at a high school party. Megan soon finds herself, as well as her former high school classmates, the subject of intense media scrutiny in an era where strangers can discover intimate details about anyone by searching social media. While investigating Katherine’s murder herself, Megan discovers that her former friend wasn’t quite the good girl she presented herself to be.  The novel is inspired by Samantha’s own experiences with relocating frequently and having trouble maintaining relationships with old friends. The novel also explores our anxieties with sharing personal information on social media.