LET'S DATE TOGETHER is a show and tell-all about the erotic and sometimes tender world of kinky sex, swinging, and polyamory. With a distinctly female perspective, the authors weave psychology, fiction and personal insights bringing this little-known world alive and covering topics such as flirting and jealousy and the appeal of group sex. You'll leave a little hot, a little bothered and a little smarter about why your sexual imagination is not monogamous even if you are. This fantasy companion, meant for couples to share and read together, will answer your questions about how and why loving couples open their otherwise conventional relationship to sexual adventure with others, and the fictional stories will stir your erotic imagination long after the last page has been turned. The official book launch took place in London with Soho House at Electric House, Notting Hill on 26 February 2019.

LISA MORRISON is a psychiatric psychotherapist practicing in clinical and hospital settings. Between seeing clients, Lisa writes, reads and occasionally performs her original poetry. She is the mother of two adolescents. Lisa and Jim live in Barcelona and the US.

JIM MORRISON is a father of three, entrepreneur, writer and itinerant traveller. He studied writing at Harvard and earned a BA at New College of California. Jim and Lisa live in Barcelona and the US. Jim founded eyeglass.com and developed several patents to deliver eye care to the underprivileged. His debut novel, Nobody, was an iUniverse Editor's Choice selection.

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